About Evergreen

Evergreen Elementary School is a school of about 500 students in grades Pre-K to 4. We are located in a recently constructed building that incorporates many family and student-friendly features. Approximately 65% of our students are native Spanish speakers learning English as a second language. Almost all of the remaining students are native English speakers learning Spanish.

Our school is a combination magnet/neighborhood school for second language acquisition. The centerpiece of our program is our Dual Language Enrichment Program (DLEP). The program is currently implemented in grades kindergarten through 5th grades. The DLEP program has been extended into Olympic Middle school for sixth and seventh grades. In the DLEP every student receives instruction in both English and Spanish. Our students are taught the adopted district curriculum. They receive the same curriculum content as every other elementary student in the Shelton School District. The difference is that our students learn the material in two languages. The most important feature of our program is that research shows that graduates of dual language enrichment programs achieve two academic grade-levels above the average monolingual English speaking student by 10th grade.

Evergreen Elementary